Alan Shaw

Alan Shaw is a poet, playwright, composer, and translator. His verse has appeared in Grand Street and Partisan Review, and on his website, His verse translation of the classic Russian play "The Woes of Wit" (by Griboyedov) was published in 1992. He lives in New York City. Shaw's contributions to the electropoetics include "Some Questions on Greek Poetry and Music," and "Harry Partch--A Poet's View," and "Ventriloquies: On the Outlook for a Poetic Planet."

Essays by this author

Harry Partch - A Poet's View


Alan Shaw on the poetics of composer Harry Partch and the musicality of greek prosody.

Some Questions on Greek Poetry and Music


On the musicality of Greek prosody.

Ventriloquies: On the Outlook for a Poetic Planet


Against the literary history proposed by Marjorie Perloff, Shaw goes on the lookout for an Outlook that just might save poetry from contemporary theory.