Allison Hunter

Allison Hunter is a visual artist whose work includes video, sound design, Web art, photography, and hybrid objects.
She has been in residency in Canada, the Czech
Republic and Lithuania. Hunter teaches Cyber Art
and Computer Art at Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute. Her contribution to ebr is Unfolding
Laramée, an essay on an installation by artist Eve
Andree Laramee, A Permutational Unfolding.

Unfolding Laramée


Allison Hunter shows how an artist can be fully contemporary without digitizing, streaming, or projecting imagery. Presenting jacquard looms and punch card technologies from the 1950s, difference engines and magnetic core memory stacks, silicon chips in wood housing and digital code on 18th-century woven fabric, Eve Laramee manipulates history like a medium.

Stuttering Screams and Beastly Poetry


Allison Hunter writes on Douglas Kahn, a modern musicologist who takes in the noise of modern battle, recordings from the tops of trains and the interiors of coalmines, and the musicality of undigitized everyday noise.

Primary Sounds


Reflections on Red/Yellow/Blue in the context of Music/Sound/Noise.