Brian Lennon

Brian Lennon is Assistant Professor of English and Comparative
Literature at the Pennsylvania State University. He is the author of
In Babel's Shadow: Multilingual Literatures, Monolingual States,
forthcoming in 2010 from the University of Minnesota Press. His
current project is a book on the legacies of literary and cultural
theory, to be entitled Genrecide: Research and Temporality.

Essays by this author

The Procedural Poetries of Joan Retallack


Brian Lennon considers the aesthetic that Retallack has evolved out of a cybernetic sensibility - a formalism that does not impose authoritarian codes or repressive orders, but rather hacks a pattern out of the sheer data of everyday life: directories, menus, phone books, indexes, encyclopedias, and archives.

Gaming the System


In the wake of massive shifts in the function and purview of the University in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, Brian Lennon considers two recent texts on the system of higher educational institutions and the academic practices that supports it.

Glass Houses: A Reply to Loren Glass's "Getting With the Program"


Brian Lennon weighs in on developing conversation about Mark McGurl’s Program Era; Lennon’s response to Loren Glass’s riposte argues that Bourdieu’s work is invoked by Glass as an answer, not a question, “without any effort to mark…why or how Bourdieu might be right - and without leaving any sense of the debates that generated and refined Bourdieu’s positions.”

Against Autopoiesis


Brian Lennon, who at the time of the discussions was reviewing a book on experimental poetry and poetics, joined the END CONSTRUCTION discussion as its first phase was winding down.