Bruno Faidutti

Born in 1961, Bruno Faidutti mastered in economics and sociology, before getting a PhD in history dealing with the Renaissance scientific debate about the reality of unicorns. Always very interested in games, he was a good chess player when young, played a lot of D&D as a teenager, organized ambitious historical LARPs at thirty, all the while occasionally designing board and card games. He has published about twenty games, the best known being Knightmare Chess, Citadels, and Mystery of the Abbey. He teaches economics and sociology in a high school in Tarascon, in the south of France.

Essays by this author

On Mystery of the Abbey


Bruno Faidutti begins with the controversial premise that “[e]very game tells a story,” in his description of how he uses literary techniques to enhance gameplay - even in non-RPG systems such as board games, which don’t traditionally include a story.