Chris Funkhouser

Poet and scholar Chris Funkhouser is an Associate Professor in the Humanities Department at New Jersey Institute of Technology. In 2006 he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to lecture and conduct research in Malaysia, where his CD-ROM eBook Selections 2.0 was produced at Multimedia University. Prehistoric Digital Poetry: An Archaeology of Forms, 1959-1995 has just been published by the University of Alabama Press.

Essays by this author

Condors’ Polyphony and Jawed Water-lines Catapulted Out: Gnoetry and its Place in Text Processing’s History


Chris Funkhouser and Andrew Klobucar situate the poetry anthologized in the recent collection “Gnoetry Daily, Vol. 1: a collection of poetry written interactively with computers” within a long genealogy of computer aided writing in order to illustrate how that genealogy continues to be both aesthetically generative and socially significant.

Poetry@The_Millennium: A Conversation with Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris


A conversation with Pierre Joris and Jerome Rothenberg on the technology and politics of the millenial anthology.

Bridge Work


Form and platform are bridged in Stephanie Strickland’s “V: WaveSon.nets/Losing L’una,” a book with two beginings and a website to boot. Chris Funkhouser tests the load limit of this innovative, precarious structure.

Electronic Literature circa WWW (and Before)


Chris Funkhouser reads the Electronic Literature Collection Vol. 1 as a crucial document, an effective reflection of literary expression and areas of textual exploration in digital form.