Curtis White

Novelist and essayist Curtis White is a professor of English at Illinois State University and a board director at the award-winning Dalkey Archive Press. His books include Memories of My Father Watching TV, Requiem, and The Middle Mind: Why Americans Don't Think for Themselves. His essays have appeared in many publications, including Context, Harper's Magazine, and The Village Voice.

Essays by this author

The Latest Word


Can a corporate-dominated Web become an environment conducive to literary activity? The novelist, essayist, and cultural critic Curtis White is skeptical. Responding to criticisms of his account of the devolution of literary publishing and reflecting on the prevalence of market-driven values in online exchanges, White doubts whether literature can distinguish itself in the noisy new media ecology, which he likens to a high-tech prison house.

Them, Meaning Us


Former FC2 Co-publisher Curtis White defends radical fiction against Left radical intellectuals.

David Shields' Reality Hunger: A Manifesto: A Review in the Form of a Memoir


David Shields is hungry, but not hungry enough. So says Curtis White, who argues that by ignoring anti-realism’s past and present, Shields writes as if “New York” and “now” are the only contexts that matter.