Gregory L. Ulmer

Gregory L. Ulmer is Professor Emeritus, English and Media Studies, University of Florida, and Joseph Beuys Chair at the European Graduate School. His work with the Florida Research Ensemble (FRE) is coordinated through the EmerAgency consultancy (see Miami Virtue, His most recent books are Avatar Emergency (2012), and Electracy (2015). Ulmer’s current project is a collaboration with the FRE developing a pedagogy (Konsult) native to the electrate apparatus.

Essays by this author

Un/Official Worlds


In this review of Mark Seltzer’s The Official World, Ulmer reflects on the interdependence of “the official” and “the unofficial” in contemporary constructs of reality. 

The Florida Research Ensemble and the Prospects for an Electronic Humanities


Chris Carter and Greg Ulmer dialogue through e-mails on the mission of the FRE.

A Project for a New Consultancy


Joseph Tabbi and Gregory Ulmer discuss what intellectual work will be like in the new electracy.