Henry S. Turner

Henry S. Turner is Professor of English and Director of the Center for Cultural Analysis at Rutgers University. He is the author of The Corporate Commonwealth: Pluralism and Political Fictions in England, 1516-1651 (2016), Shakespeare’s Double Helix (2008), and The English Renaissance Stage: Geometry, Poetics, and the Practical Spatial Arts, 1580-1630 (2006), as well as the editor of Early Modern Theatricality (2013) and The Culture of Capital: Property, Cities, and Knowledge in Early Modern England (2002).

Essays by this author

Love Your Corporation

Analyzing the long and complex history of the term corporation, Turner explores the possibility that the term’s roots in the universitas might serve as a basis for a re-translation and re-valuation of the corporate concept and establish a ground, both discursive and practical, for a reassessment of the “political” as a process of imaginative transformation and collective action.