Ian Bogost

Ian Bogost is an academic videogame researcher and game designer. Bogost is Assistant Professor of Literature Communication and Culture at Georgia Institute of Technology, where he teaches and researches in undergraduate and graduate programs in digital media. Bogost's current research interests include videogame criticism (the subject of a forthcoming book from MIT Press, Unit Operations: An Approach to Videogame Criticism) and videogame rhetoric (including the function of ideology, politics, advertising, and education in games). Bogost is also the founder of two companies. The first, Persuasive Games, is a game studio that designs, builds, and distributes electronic games for persuasion, instruction, and activism. The second, Open Texture, is a publisher of cross-media education and enrichment materials for families.

Essays by this author

Ian Bogost's response to Critical Simulation


Ian Bogost, the co-designer of The Howard Dean for Iowa Game (along with First Person contributor Gonzalo Frasca), deconstructs section three.

Video Games Go to Washington: The Story Behind The Howard Dean for Iowa Game


Ian Bogost and Gonzalo Frasca explain a new genre: persuasive games, and delve into the development and emerging legacy of The Howard Dean for Iowa Game, “the first official video game ever commissioned in the history of U.S. presidential elections.” This new genre provides an opportunity to rethink the cultural status of games. If games are normally judged by how entertaining they are, persuasive games must be released from this criterion and assessed on how well they convey their message.