James Wallis

James Wallis is the co-designer of the storytelling card-game Once Upon a Time (Atlas, 1992) and the award-winning Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Hogshead, 1998). For nine years he was the director of Hogshead Publishing, which released several innovative games based around new systems of interactive story-creation. He has also written thirteen books, designed games for several Web sites, written regularly for publications as diverse as Fortean Times and the Sunday Times, and established the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming. His current projects include Youdunnit, a storytelling after-dinner role-playing game in the style of P. G. Wodehouse and Agatha Christie, and an interactive murder-mystery game for the BBC Web site. He lives in London.

Essays by this author

Making Games That Make Stories


James Wallis uses genre as the fulcrum for balancing game rules and narrative structure in story-telling games, which he differentiates from RPGs through their emphasis on the creation of narrative over character development.