Jill Walker

Jill Walker is an associate professor at the Department of Humanistic Informatics at the University of Bergen, Norway. Her current research focus is distributed narrative, both in physical and networked spaces. She also researches electronic literature and art more generally. Jill has been an avid blogger for several years, and her research blog can be found at jilltxt.net.

Essays by this author

Jill Walker's response


Jill Walker questions who (or what) sets the rules for interaction.

Jill Walker responds in turn


“Thinking around the responses,” Jill Walker reconsiders how gender and identity influence the reader-reading-the-reader in Online Caroline.

How I Was Played by Online Caroline


Jill Walker’s encounter with a participatory, and vaguely sinister, online narrative.

How I Was Played by Online Caroline (sidebar)


Sidebar images from “How I Was Played by Online Caroline.”

A Network of Quests in World of Warcraft


Jill Walker argues that although the quests in World of Warcraft lack the narrative or linguistic sophistication that we expect from literary texts, the sustained attention that players give to games equates with the attentiveness that readers give novels (or at least that readers once gave novels - back when novels had readers).