Kate Pullinger

Kate Pullinger writes for both print and digital platforms. In 2009
her novel The Mistress of Nothing won the Governor General's Literary
Award for Fiction, one of Canada's most prestigious literary prizes.
Her prize-winning digital fiction projects Inanimate Alice and Flight
Paths: A Networked Novel have reached audiences around the world. She
is Reader in Creative Writing and New Media at De Montfort University
where she co-founded TRG, the Transliteracy Research Group.

Essays by this author

Riposte to Curtis White's "The Latest Word"


Kate Pullinger’s response to Curtis White’s “The Latest Word” ploughs ahead. She tells us that writers today may fear for the future of literature but they keep writing, they go on, they must go on.

Riposte to "A [S]creed for Digital Fiction"


Kate Pullinger thinks the Digital Fiction International Network is too hasty in dismissing e-books as “paper-under-glass texts.”