Keith Herber

Born in Detroit in 1949, Keith designed his first game at the age of eleven - a board game featuring popular movie monsters of the time. It was also about this time he discovered H. P. Lovecraft. Introduced to the RPG hobby in 1978, via Dungeons & Dragons. He was an experienced gamer by the time Call of Cthulhu appeared in late 1981. Fascinated by a game based on Lovecraft, he purchased a copy, and CoC soon became the game of choice with his gaming group. His first CoC submission was published in Chaosium's Different Worlds magazine in 1983, followed soon after by the full-length books Fungi from Yuggoth, Trail of Tsathoggua, Spawn of Azathoth, and Arkham Unveiled. In 1989, he moved to San Francisco and took a job with Chaosium, editing the CoC line until 1994, writing or publishing such titles as Return to Dunwich, Escape from Innsmouth, The Investigators Companion, The Keeper's Compendium, and many other titles. In addition to Call of Cthulhu, he has also contributed to several other game lines. He currently resides in Lakeland, Florida, earning a living as a blues musician and as a stringer for local newspapers and magazines.

Essays by this author

On "The Haunted House"


Keith Herber discusses how in his “Haunted House” scenario for Call of Cthulhu, characters are driven insane by their attempt to unravel the game’s mysteries. Herber’s explanation distinguishes his work from many other role-playing games in which the goal is to develop characters and acquire power and/or wealth. In contrast, characters in Herber’s scenario are rewarded with mental instability.