Kenneth Hite

Ken Hite is the author or co-author of over forty RPG games and supplements, including the Origins Award-winning Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG, Call of Cthulhu d20, GURPS Horror, and Nightmares of Mine, a study of horror role-playing. From 1996 to 1998 he was Line Developer for Chaosium's Nephilim occult RPG, for which he also wrote two sourcebooks. Since 1997, he has written "Out of the Box," an RPG industry news and review column currently available at .

Essays by this author

Narrative Structure and Creative Tension in Call of Cthulhu


Kenneth Hite argues that the long-running, H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Call of Cthulhu franchise differs from traditional tabletop role-playing in its focus on suspense rather than character growth. Hite’s analysis suggests that in its origins and emphasis on narrative structure Cthulhu is a highly literary game.