Marcel O\'Gorman

Marcel O'Gorman is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of Waterloo and Director of the Critical Media Lab. His published research, including E-Crit: Digital Media, Critical Theory and the Humanities (University of Toronto Press, 2006) is concerned primarily with the fate of the humanities in a digital culture. O'Gorman's most recent work investigates the "collusion of death and technology.” This is the topic of his most recent book, Necromedia, published in the Posthumanities Series at University of Minnesota Press in 2015. As an advocate of research/creation, O’Gorman is also a practicing artist, working primarily with physical computing inventions and architectural installations. Samples of his work may be viewed at

Essays by this author

From Mystorian to Curmudgeon: Skulking Toward Finitude


Marcel O’Gorman offers a candid account of what it means to introduce the computer apparatus into teaching in the humanities.