Paul Harris

Paul Harris teaches at Loyola Marymount University. His contributions, dating from the start of ebr, include an account of the In.S.Omnia collective, Sleepless in Seattle, an essay in the "grey" section of Critical Ecologies (ebr4) titled HYPER-LEX: A Technographical Dictionary, and an early reflection on electronic literature entitled Constrained Thinking: From Network to Membrane. His most recent reviews are of three re-released novels by Harry Mathews and the online on-the-road narrative, Rude Trip.

Essays by this author

Constrained Thinking: From Network to Membrane


Paul Harris examines the theoretical aspects of constrained thinking in the age of electronic textuality (in 2000 words, natch!)

Harry Mathews's Al Gore Rhythms: A Re-viewing of Tlooth, Cigarettes, and The Journalist


Paul Harris rediscovers the senior American member of Oulipo on the occasion of three new reprints from The Dalkey Archive Press.

Sleepless in Seattle


Paul Harris explores IN.S.OMNIA’s technographies.

HYPER-LEX: A Technographical Dictionary


Paul Harris hybridizes the terms of hypertextual discourse and takes it to a higher power.