Rob Swigart

Rob Swigart has been a journalist, a research affiliate at the Institute for the Future, a technical writer for Apple Computer, designer and writer of several computer games, secretary of the board of the Electronic Literature Organization, and is the author of nine novels, the latest of which is Xibalba Gate, A Novel of the Classic Maya. An interactive novel, Portal, was published in 1986 on computer disk and two years later in 'hard copy'. He has published electronic literary fiction both on CDROM (Down Time, Eastgate Systems) and on the web. He is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Stanford Archaeology Center.

Essays by this author

Satisfying Ambiguity


From the Oracle of Delphi to the Wizard of Oz, it is clear that “if we attack we will destroy a great empire.” The only question that remains, is which one?

Past Futures, Future's Past


The second in a series of two essays developing the parallels between Iraq and the Peloponnesian Wars, between classical Empire and postmodern Imperialism.



“Dispersion” is a short-story by Rob Swigart.

Not Just a River


Rob Swigart asks why we keep hearing about a technological fix (dubious) and rarely about adaptation as a viable response to global warming.



Rob Swigart’s “Seeking” is a clever and funny story whose roots lie in the materialization of internet interdating connections. Moving through the technological and media reductions of desire, Swigart parallels the overarching theme of “seeking” with a form that is itself punctuated with questions.



From the heavens to the stars, the number three has often been tied to the occult. Carrying on this tradition, Rob Swigart has brought together three books that investigate the anomalous, address the unexplained, and answer the impossible. The truth is in here.