Serge Bouchardon

Serge Bouchardon is currently full Professor in Communication Sciences and Director of the COSTECH laboratory at the University of Technology of Compiegne (France). His research focuses on digital creation, in particular digital literature. As an author, he is interested in the unveiling of interactivity. The creation Loss of Grasp ( won the New Media Wrting Prize 2011. Research can be found at: Creation can be found at:

Essays by this author

Digital Manipulability and Digital Literature


Serge Bouchardon and Davin Heckman put the digit back into the digital by emphasizing touch and manipulation as basic to in digital literature. The digital literary work unites figure, grasp, and memory. Bouchardon and Heckman show that digital literature employs a rhetoric of grasping. It figures interaction and cognition through touch and manipulation. For Bouchardon and Heckman, figure and grasp lead to problems of memory - how do we archive touch and manipulation? - requiring renewed efforts on the part of digital literary writers and scholars.