Stephen Dougherty

Stephen Dougherty is an associate professor of English at Volda College in Volda, Norway.
His essays on literature, science, and culture have appeared in Configurations, Cultural Critique, Diacritics, and elsewhere.

Essays by this author

Systems Theory for Ecocriticism


Reviewing Andrew McMurry’s Environmental Renaissance, Stephen Dougherty questions the systems approach to ecocriticism.

How to Do Words with Things


One of a series of eco-critical reviews, Stephen Dougherty explores
the new ways that “matter is made to matter” in Ira Livingston’s
writing on science and literature. The payoff of an ecocriticism
grounded in the materiality of language itself, can bee seen by the
strong political positioning toward the end of Dougherty’s essay.

Unworldly Reflections


In this review of Robert Chodat’s Worldly Acts and Sentient Things, Stephen Dougherty argues that Chodat’s inquiry could have profited from a deeper engagement with posthumanist thought.