Stephen Schryer

Stephen Schryer recently completed his Ph.D. at the University of California, Irvine. His essay, "Fantasies of the New Class: The New Criticism, Harvard Sociology, and the Idea of the University" appeared in the May 2007 issue of PMLA. He has also contributed to Paper Empire: William Gaddis and the World System, edited by Joseph Tabbi and Rone Shavers. His manuscript-in-progress explores the idea of the new class in post-World War II American Fiction and consensus sociology.

Essays by this author

Celebrating Complexity


Stephen Schryer reviews Mark Taylor and casts a critical eye on the unconditional celebration of complexity.

Nothing Lasts


In “Nothing Lasts,” Stephen Schryer considers Tom LeClair’s Passing On and The Liquidators as paired novels, one immersing the reader in the maelstrom of the social and economic systems that shape contemporary life, the other shielding the reader from those systems. Unlike the massive novels from the seventies that fascinated LeClair the critic, Schryer finds the novelist a “literary miniaturist,” seeking “concise synecdoches for the larger systems” his books evoke.

Postmodernism Redux


Stephen Schryer contrasts narratological and postsecular readings of postmodernism in a review of Gerhard Hoffmann’s vast study, From Modernsism to Postmodernism (2005), and John McClure’s narrower but more pointed exploration, Partial Faiths (2007).