Editor's gathering for thread end construction

Gathering: Editor's gathering for thread end construction

After a full generation of constructivist thought, after close to a decade of Internet construction and nearly as long a period of activity at ebr/altx, we’re ready to put an end to the construction of periodical issues. Instead of working within an unconsidered paradigm inherited from print media, the ebr editors intend to construct our own ends, over time and on terms that we set for ourselves (within the constraints of the web environment).

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Cyberlaw and Its Discontents


Setting one scholar’s legalistic solutions against texts by cyber-critics and posts by netizens and web artists, geniwate looks at the issue of copyright law online.

Return to Twilight


Dave Ciccoricco returns to Michael Joyce’s 1997 novel so as to avoid bringing hypertext criticism to a premature closure.

The End of Exemptions for Beauty


The WTC attack considered as a conflict between open and closed systems, a one-system people and a many-system people.

An Interface in Lieu of An Introduction


A note on the origins and development of ebr version 3.0, End Construction!

New ebr Interface


In the fall of 1997, with the launch of ebr version 2.0, ebr editors Anne Burdick and Joseph Tabbi introduced a weaving metaphor to describe the journal interface. Three years later, Burdick sent in the following proposal for ebr 3.0, an entirely new version that enacts the metaphor using database technology.

9/11 Emerging


A personal account by novelist Joseph McElroy of the WTC crash (that is: a structure of some outside and inside project encompassing one individual).