Editor's gathering for thread writing (post)feminism

Gathering: Editor's gathering for thread writing (post)feminism

Postfeminism remains an awkward yet laudable movement among younger women, and women no longer young - one which embraces pluralism and homosexuality, one which expects that women are just as involved in the electronic frontier of the Web as men are.

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Embodying the World


Lance Olsen reviews Shelley Jackson’s first print collection.

False Pretenses, Parasites, and Monsters


Tom Leclair surveys six gargantuan texts - both hyper- and print - and finds that size is not all that matters.

Introduction: Waves


Lisa Joyce introduces this new gathering, titled “waves,” of postfeminist essays.

Global Politics and the Feminist Question


Ara Wilson writes a riposte on the gathering of “waves” essays; she points out that global feminist politics provides a necessary perspective on debates about the current state of feminism.

Postfeminism vs. the Third Wave


Alison Piepmeier examines the differences in postfeminism and third-wave feminism.