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Free as in Free Culture: A Response to Francis Raven


Benjamin J. Robertson responds to Francis Raven’s review of Lessig’s Free Culture. Writing against Raven, he outlines the ways in which Lessig’s work is crucial for our current cultural moment.

Intellectual Property Law, Freedom of Expression, and the Web


Kembrew McLeod, fresh from having trademarked the phrase freedom of expression®, speeds through the domain name scandals of the information superhighway.

Cyberlaw and Its Discontents


Setting one scholar’s legalistic solutions against texts by cyber-critics and posts by netizens and web artists, geniwate looks at the issue of copyright law online.

A Somewhat Legal Look at the Dawn and Dusk of the Napster Controversy


Paul C. Rapp, Esq., a.k.a. Lee Harvey Blotto, on the legal, cultural, and economic dimensions of the Napster controversy circa Y2K.