Tag: law

If It Could Be Wrapped


Excerpted from Water Writing - an essay; presented as part of the ebr Critical Ecologies thread; concurrent with a literary Festschrift in honor of Joseph McElroy’s lifework.

Beyond the Voting Machine


Marc Bousquet introduces a forthcoming Altx critical e-book, hosted online by ebr, appearing in five sections through the Fall of 2003. A new ebr thread, Technocapitalism, is built around its concerns.

No More Heroes


David Cassuto reviews Wild Ideas, a collection of ecocritical essays.

Cyberlaw and Its Discontents


Setting one scholar’s legalistic solutions against texts by cyber-critics and posts by netizens and web artists, geniwate looks at the issue of copyright law online.

A Somewhat Legal Look at the Dawn and Dusk of the Napster Controversy


Paul C. Rapp, Esq., a.k.a. Lee Harvey Blotto, on the legal, cultural, and economic dimensions of the Napster controversy circa Y2K.