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Literal Art


John Cayley dadas up the digital, revealing similarities of type across two normally separate, unequal categories: image and text. “Neither lines nor pixels but letters,” finally, unite.

When Romanticism is no Longer the National Avante-Garde


Piotr Parlej surveys contemporary Polish poetry

Diane Gromala’s response (excerpt)


Derrida’s territory - “discontinuities, contradictions, ambiguities, materiality, silence, space, conflict, margins, and figures” - is Bill Seaman’s, as Diane Gromala notes.

Key Concepts of Holopoetry


Artist Eduardo Kac writes on the attractions of the hologram as a malleable, fluid, and elastic medium for poetic expression.

Poetry@The_Millennium: A Conversation with Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris


A conversation with Pierre Joris and Jerome Rothenberg on the technology and politics of the millenial anthology.