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Card Shark and Thespis


Eastgate Systems alumns Diane Greco and Mark Bernstein explain two “exotic tools for hypertext narrative.”

Notes From the Digital Overground


Mark Amerika on establishing an electronic publishing network in the no-man’s land between the commercial, the academic, and the underground.

Textual Events (3 of 5)


How to commodify “intellectual property” when the object, a text, is made of other texts, and each reading is a re-writing? The Politics of Information, Part 3, considers the identity of event and machine.

Readability, Web Publishing, and ebr: A Riposte to Eye Magazine


In a letter to Eye magazine, ebr’s editor, publisher, and designer respond to criticism of the website’s appearance

On Netscape, Virtual Slaves, and Making Moolah


Mark Amerika goes public, and reveals speculative fiction and market speculations to be one and the same.

Network Voices


Fifteen artists working along the blurry boundary of music, sound, and noise launch Alt-X Audio. curator: Mark Amerika.