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COLLEX: semantic collections & exhibits for the remixable web


Bethany Nowviskie of the University of Virginia introduces the COLLEX tool, a “COLL-ection” and “EX-hibition” of online images and interlinked texts. Nowviskie’s white paper is the first essay to be “wrapped” into the ebr interface. That is, the essay has itelf been collected, tagged, and interlinked with the essays in ebr. This way, the essay is not just about the development of a semantic network - it is part of one.

The Digital Potential: Leaving Open the Future of Scholarship and the University


Taking seriously author Gary Hall’s ground-up rethinking of the
university, David Parry raises an issue not addressed in Digitize This
, namely - what if Hall’s own field of Cultural Studies has no
future as a discipline in the university’s digital future?