Tag: neoliberal

Tillman's Turbulent Thinking


Eric Dean Rasmussen explores Lynne Tillman’s “cognitive aesthetic,” suggesting that her work is powered by the generative disconnect between asignifying affect and signifying emotion. He argues that her 1998 novel, No Lease on Life, examines the role of affectively sustained universal values in responding politically to the neoliberal city.

In Praise of "In Praise of Overreading"


Is ‘overinterpretation’ good or bad? Is it even possible, and is it ever enough? (Or are we reading too much into this?) Clint Burnham shadows Colin Davis as he traces the interventions of a “wild bunch” of critics, theorists, and philosophers, who grapple with the question of what counts as a reading of a literary text.

The Digital Downside: Moving from Craft to Factory Production in Online Learning


Tim Luke takes on the business of online learning.