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How to Avoid Being Paranoid


“Sedgwick’s emphasis is on generating concepts that add to the complexity and inclusiveness of our representations, rather than trying to prescribe the right revolutionary path.” Melissa Gregg reviews Eve Sedgwick’s Touching Feeling.

Jesper Juul responds in turn


Jesper Juul takes time to complicate the real in different types of games.

the glory of the liberal white teacher woman


Lidia Yukman describes the experience of teaching people of differing backgrounds.

Resistance Through Hypertext: ACTing UP in the Electronic Classroom


Laura Sullivan and her students explore webwriting
and content provision as activist tools.

What's Mine is Mine, and What's Yours Is Mine: Ownership in Online Universities


Paul Collins on collegiate content: syllabus, discussions, lectures, and all.

Learning to Wish for More


Lance Olsen tells the story of a creative writing professor who walked.

Amato/Fleisher Too Pessimistic


In the era of English Department Cultural Studies, does the study of literature belong to the poet-professors?
Marjorie Perloff offers a view from the English Department of what CW can do.

Not Pessimistic Enough


Reflections on Creative Writing as potentially part of the tradition of the avant garde.

Reforming Creative Writing Pedagogy


Joe Amato and Kass Fleisher suggest that creative writing pedagogy, particularly as found in the typical workshop, might benefit from a major, theoretically-informed, re-visioning. Introduced by ebr managing editor (1999-2002), Kirsten Young.