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Can the Web Save the Book? A Reply to Curtis White's The Latest Word


Hans Kristian Rustad sympathizes with Curtis White’s “latest word.” White diagnoses a crisis in contemporary literature in the “Amazonian” monolith dominating the online book industry. Still, Rustad questions White’s lack of attention to electronic literature. For Rustad, elit may “save literature from market-oriented book houses that evaluate books by potential profits.”

The Latest Word


Can a corporate-dominated Web become an environment conducive to literary activity? The novelist, essayist, and cultural critic Curtis White is skeptical. Responding to criticisms of his account of the devolution of literary publishing and reflecting on the prevalence of market-driven values in online exchanges, White doubts whether literature can distinguish itself in the noisy new media ecology, which he likens to a high-tech prison house.

Hypertext Markets: a Report from Italy


Walter Vannini investigates the effects of hypertext publishing in Italy’s marketplace.