A Video Interview with Steve Tomasula by Jhave

A Video Interview with Steve Tomasula by Jhave

David (Jhave) Johnston

Steve Tomasula in Conversation with Jhave. Recorded at the Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada. 2012-02-21.

Steve Tomasula “is the author of the novels The Book of Portraiture (FC2/University of Alabama Press); IN & OZ (University of Chicago Press); VAS: An Opera in Flatland (University of Chicago Press), an acclaimed novel of the biotech revolution; and most recently, TOC: A New-Media Novel (FC2/University of Alabama Press).” In VAS, Tomasula weaves fertility concerns into a priapic future while using a very sophisticated visual layout that renders his prose as poetry. Tomasula’s TOC, an interactive DVD, is equally ambitious, incorporating motion graphics into a meditation on thermodynamics, myth and temporality. http://www.electronicbookreview.com/author/steve-tomasula

Conducted by David (Jhave) Johnson, this interview was made possible by funding from NT2 Labs at Concordia and OBX Labs. The video is from a series of conservations with authors and digital arts practitioners that will be released (with French translations of the accompanying texts) by NT2 Labs.


Steve Tomasula from David (Jhave) Johnston on Vimeo.