From Work to Play (sidebar)

From Work to Play (sidebar)

Stuart Moulthrop

Sidebar images, “From Work to Play: Molecular Culture in the Time of Deadly Games.”

6.sidebar.1ñ2. A puzzle from The Beast, the promotional game for A.I. Players located an autopsy report for a deceased character. They were interested in the last message received on the characterís PDA but the screen was blank. Closer examination of the characterís eyes revealed something that looked like a shattered green lens over his iris. (Microsoft)

6.sidebar.3ñ4. (Continued from 6.sidebar.1ñ2.) Players realized that if they applied the green filter found in the characterís eyes to the PDA screen, a hidden message could be read (above). Cutting through the techno-babble on the screen led the players to (Microsoft)

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