Primary Sounds

Primary Sounds

Allison Hunter

Reflections on Red/Yellow/Blue in the context of Music/Sound/Noise.

Primary Sounds is an interactive Net artwork exploring the psycho-acoustic interior of my home. Borrowing from academic color theory, Primary Sounds’s structure mimics the Color Wheel (a tool used to illustrate how three “primary” colors can be combined to create new colors). Layers of partial images and bits of sounds complicate the possibility of simplifying one’s complex emotional life.

Primary Sounds ‘s interactivity encourages the user to mix three audio tracks and three colors. Small buttons on either side of the Color Wheel trigger separate Flash movies which contain their own audio and visual tracks. The user can overlap these tracks, mixing them like paint. A live color mix “plays” in the lower left pie of the wheel.

For a dial-up user with a 56k modem, the download time for each of the eight audio/image sections can take up to twenty seconds. Primary Sounds requires the free Macromedia Flash plug-in, available here.

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