About EBR

About EBR

Electronic Book Review (ebr) is a peer-reviewed journal of critical writing produced and published by the emergent digital literary network. Although ebr threads include essays addressing a wide range of topics across the arts, sciences, and humanities, ebr’s editors are particularly interested in critically savvy, in-depth work addressing the digital future of literature, theory, criticism, and the arts.

ISSN: 1553-1139

Contact: wluers@gmail.com 
Editor in Chief: Joseph Tabbi
Managing Editor: Will Luers
Editors: Davin Heckman, Eric Dean Rasmussen, Lisa Swanstrom
Associate Editors: Daniela Côrtes Maduro, Robert Ryan, Brooks Sterritt, Lai-Tze Fan

Founding Publisher: Mark Amerika

Information Designer and Developer: Ewan Branda
Graphic Designer: Current: Juliette Bellocq. Past: Anne Burdick

International Editorial Board: 
Joe Amato, Kate Armstrong, Jan Baetens, Ralph Berry , Serge Bouchardon, Marc Bousquet, Stephen Burn, Dave Ciccoricco, Anna Gibbs, Stefan Herbrechter, Brian Lennon, Timothy Melley, Dee Morris, Timothy Morton, Stuart Moulthrop, Daniel Punday, Jörgen Schäfer, Rob Swigart, Thom Swiss, Rui Torres, Phillip Wegner, Cary Wolfe, Michael Wutz

Support and Affiliations: 

  • Department of English, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • University of Colorado at Boulder Department of English, 2009-2012
  • Graduate Media Design Program, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena
  • Department of Cultural Studies and Languages, Faculty of Education and Humanities, University of Stavanger
  • Electronic Literature Organization
  • Consortium for Electronic Literature (CELL)

Partial Funding Provided By: 

  • Dean’s Award, School of Arts & Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Alt-X Foundation
  • Faculty Enrichment Grant, Art Center College of Design
  • Faculty Support Grant, California Institute of the Arts

ebr does not charge APCs or submission charges.


Thread Credits

critical ecologies >–
Current thread editor: Lisa Swanstrom. Thread editor from 2008-2013: Stacy Alaimo. Thread editor from 2006-07: Andrew McMurray. Critical Ecologies was launched by Cary Wolfe and Joseph Tabbi in the winter of 1996/97. Concrete poem in Critical Ecologies icon by Daniel Wenk.

electropoetics >–
Current thread editor: Davin Heckman; thread editor from 2007-12: Lori Emerson; from 2003-06: Dave Ciccoricco. Electropoetics began in the Spring of 1997 with a special issue edited by Joel Felix. Concrete poem in Electropoetics icon by Daniel Wenk.

end construction >–
Current thread editor: Joseph Tabbi. Treated street sign for End Construction icon photographed by Daniel Wenk, interpreted by Anne Burdick.

fictions present >–
Current thread editor: Kiki Benzon. Thread editor from 2006-09: Stephen Burn

First Person >–
Current thread editor: Ed Finn. First Person was originally edited by Pat Harrigan and Noah Wardrip-Fruin and co-produced with MIT Press in 2003.

image + narrative >–
Current thread editor: Joseph Tabbi. Image + Narrative was launched in the summer of 1998 by Steve Tomasula and Anne Burdick. Driving stills used in Image+Narrative icon by Anne Burdick.

internet nation >–
Current thread editor: Joseph Tabbi. Internet Nation was launched in the winter of 1998/99 by Vladislava Gordic. Stills of Ceausescu and Mickey used in the Internet Nation icon provided by Alexander Davic.

music/sound/noise >–
Thread editor from 2006-07: Trace Reddell. MusicSoundNoise was initiated in the winter of 2000/01 by Cary Wolfe and Mark Amerika. msn logo and animation created by Cynthia Jacquette.

technocapitalism >–
Current thread editor: Aron Pease. Thread editors from 2002-2003: Marc Bousquet and Katherine Wills, copy edited by Matthew Thornton. Technocapitalism began as a set of essays collected in 2002 to be the first in a series of Alt-X Critical E-books.

writing (post)feminism >–
Thread editor from 1996-2006: Elizabeth Joyce. Writing Postfeminism was guest edited by Elizabeth Joyce and Gay Lynn Crossley in the fall of 1996. The thread icon is from “Fear and Desire” by Susan Galey, 1993.

writing under constraint >–
Current thread editor: Joseph Tabbi. Writing Under Constraint was launched in the winter of 1999/2000 by Jan Baetens. The Writing under Constraint graphic was produced by Anne Burdick and Rei Fukui in collaboration with Daniel Wenk.