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Robert Creeley's Radical Poetics


Marjorie Perloff reflects on the legacy of misreadings of Robert Creeley’s work and argues that his complex poetics should be read transnationally.

Literature from Page to Interface: The Treatments of Text in Christophe Bruno's Iterature


Søren Pold explores the ways in which Christophe Bruno’s Iterature expands the notion of literary form and shows what happens when words are no longer only part of a language.

Three from The Gig: New Work By/About Maggie O'Sullivan, Allan Fisher, and Tom Raworth


Three recent poetry publications by Nate Dorward’s press The Gig are reviewed by Greg Betts; these are not poems so much as environments outside of, perhaps astride, the contingencies of systems.

Epic Ecologies (II)


Franco Moretti responds to the review of his Modern Epic by Marjorie Perloff.

Epic Ecologies (III)


Perloff comes back with an alternative line of ‘evolution’ from the modern epic - one leading to language poetry, rather than the magical realist novel.

Epic Ecologies


Marjorie Perloff reviews Franco Moretti’s Modern Epic: The World-System from Goethe to Garcia Marquez.