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Nick Montfort responds


Computers abstract from true/false to host letters, pixels, and Nick Montfort’s riposte.

Interferences: [Net.Writing] and the Practice of Codework


Rita Raley on the varieties of code/text, as discovered in the object-oriented aesthetic of Mez, Ted Warnell, Talan Memmott, Alan Sondheim, and others.

Johanna Drucker's response (excerpt)


Johanna Drucker counters hands-off poetics with practice.

The Pixel/The Line


For all the talk of cyber-difference, screens still behave like pages. The contributors in section six have developed, in response, a digital aesthetics unlike that of print.

Moulthrop responds in turn


U.S. cybernetic pragmatisim and practical Net expertise interest Moulthrop (and his auditors) on “second thought.”

Joel Felix posts a response


On the futures of electronic scholarship - an exchange among editors.